MSlogo colorCorrales MainStreet is an organization of a truly dedicated, diversified group of citizens.  These people choose to volunteer countless hours to Corrales MainStreet to assure that Corrales will continue to exist independently, with the best quality of life possible for our families and descendants. The organization is comprised of ordinary citizens who devote time and vision to preserve the character of this community through building its economic health.

MainStreet encourages lasting businesses in Corrales’ downtown area. A successful downtown business area provides an economic driver for the Village and a background for family social and cultural activities. MainStreet sponsors a variety of events where families enjoy old-fashioned public celebrations. People line Corrales Road for the July 4th Parade featuring favorite pets, tractors, clubs, and marching bands; Corraleños ride their favorite horses and proudly wave American flags. The fall Harvest Festival brings in visitors from surrounding cities, as well as local families. MainStreet also sponsors a nighttime event announcing the beginning of the December holiday season with the Starlight Parade. Throughout the seasons, all gather in the heart of Corrales to celebrate our heritage, holidays and festivals.

Another of the activities supported by MainStreet is the annual Corrales Garden Tour. This one-day event is dedicated to amassing funds to provide landscaping for the pedestrian pathway being designed to allow both visitors and residents to safely walk through the heart of town on Corrales Road. The sixth annual Tour is again managed by the all-volunteer Corrales Garden Tour Committee.

The goal of the dedicated volunteers of the Corrales MainStreet organization is to preserve the heritage of the village of Corrales by encouraging the enhancement and diversification of the economy so that all families residing in Corrales are comfortable, safe, and proud to be located here. MainStreet strives to include in this preservation the village traditions, way of life, history and agricultural roots.

It also works to promote historical awareness through the preservation of architecture and human history by encouraging businesses to occupy and care for these historic buildings, enhancing the Village character and educating both our residents and visitors. MainStreet strives to help our businesses to improve the impression our Corrales Road presents.

Both businesses and individuals are encouraged to become members of Corrales MainStreet and help build a strong future for this lively village.