Plans for a pedestrian path alongside Corrales Road were begun several years back. Since no funds were available for landscaping, a group of volunteers thought visitors would enjoy seeing interesting gardens, and the money raised would augment the path project and provide landscaping. 

The Corrales Pathway fund raising project was officially launched in 2018, and, to date, the Corrales Garden Tour is the single largest donor.

Each year since 2010, the Corrales Garden Tour has showcased exceptional gardens within Corrales. Different soil types, water access, tree coverage and temperature ranges have determined the composition of the gardens. The goal each year is to provide a variety so everyone who visits will find a garden that appeals to them.

Since these are private gardens, the owners have created their oasis suited to their personal taste. Some are filled with sculpture; others have vineyards, floral beds, or vegetable gardens. Water features provide a contrast and relief from our surrounding desert, and many native plants, and those hybrids adapted to our climate have been used.

The Corrales Garden Tour Committee is very grateful to the generosity of the garden owners for opening their gates and allowing about 1000 people to visit their garden during the 7 hours of the tour.
The Corrales Garden Tours are held under the auspices of Corrales MainStreet and with the help of the Sandoval County Master Gardeners.